Raffles In Hainan

The real luxury is not in what you do, but in what you think.

In 126 years, Raffles has always been committed to bring you the most warm welcome and most abundant experience and the most pleasant memories. Today, this remarkable tradition continues throughout the world. From the first Singapore Raffles Hotel beautiful classic colonial style, to Dubai, Seychelles, Cambodia, Paris, Beijing, Hainan, McCarty and Mecca around the hotel, Raffles has become synonymous with luxury, charm and extraordinary experience. Each hotel is an oasis of tranquility and charm at the confluence of civilizations. Each hotel's location has been carefully considered by the hotel itself. Are unique, excellence, not the definition of Raffles style.

Today, as we continue to grow and continuously settled at the same time, a new and surprising destination, our guests are convinced that we will always maintain Raffles unique style -- the same experience, the same luxury and the same service excellence -- whether we anywhere in the world. Raffles exciting and fascinating, more inspiration and revive the spirit and vitality of the people, always be adventurous spirit and noble taste of the guests love.

Raffles - from the 1887 legendary service.