World Expro Hotel in Shanghai

"Beautiful Shanghai" Expo residential project is located in the Pudong Sanlin wedge green south structure of regional planning, is based on ecological theme, both the functional area of the traditional residential culture and the characteristics of the times. Shanghai real estate group to spend tens of billions of funds to build the "beautiful Shanghai" set more than 100 blocks of Chinese classic houses gathered along the Huangpu River, covering an area of 11500 square meters, project core part of Expo residential banyan tree hotel is about to open, characteristics clubs, commercial street project is being strained construction.

"Beautiful Shanghai" Expo residential banyan tree hotel project by DALITEK bunch of intelligent lighting control system, products are mainly used in the old villa zone of the hotel, public areas and new hotel public area, according to different regions use function and lighting effects, design a variety of lighting scenes to beauty, comfort and environmental protection and energy saving effect. Modern high-tech will combining modern intelligent building and green eco perfect, make every guest not only can enjoy intelligent devices to bring convenient, and Pujiang both banks beautiful panoramic view.

Adopts the multi function controller for DALITEK Dynalite intelligent dimming DLE1205 frontier and DMC810GL these two old and new public areas of the hotel. DLE1205 front dimming device is a 12 channel per channel 5A of the leading edge of the device, the total load of 60A, suitable for incandescent lamps, low-voltage lights, neon lights and some fluorescent light dimming control. At the same time, through the system integration equipment, lighting control system can become one with the security, HVAC, home theater, curtain control and outdoor lighting, the perfect fusion, using advanced voltage regulation and soft start technology to protection lamp with low voltage and the extended lamp life.

DMC810GL multi function controller is can provide a variety of types of load modules, such as incandescent lamps and electronic ballast with dimming feature, switch controller, transformer dimming control, such applications greatly saves the regional public investment and installation cost, and can obtain excellent lighting effects.

The old hotel villas mainly adopts DALITEK intelligent bunch DDMC802GL multipurpose controller and DDRC1220FR-GL relay controller. DDMC802GL multi purpose controller can use various output modules to adapt to different types of load. The main can accept 4 plug-in modules, more easy to use. DDRC1220FR-GL relay controller is used to control any type of switching load, it has the advantage that the DyNet network can be controlled separately to improve efficiency and cost savings.

Room is installed in the control panel is the first user can DIY set the smart panel, panel preset scenarios up to 96, to meet the different time, requirements of the lighting effect of the different regions, so that guests to experience the charm of light and pleasant, and meet the energy saving and environmental protection ecological tenet. High reliable distributed control system, greatly to provide the convenience of operation, not only help to protect the lamp, and prolong the service life of the lamp and reduce the operation cost of the hotel, but also has a very impressive energy-saving effect, and high stability and reliability of DALITEK bunch of smart products for hotels in the future management and maintenance work provide the many conveniences.

As to spend tens of billions of funds in the river to build the Expo residents of the culture area -- the beautiful Shanghai, with its unique geographical location and special charm. The DALITEK Dynalite intelligent lighting control system to create a "beautiful Shanghai" Expo residential banyan tree hotel lighting environment, to reflect the overall style of the antique, let into the beautiful Shanghai people can admire the beautiful lighting effects to bring the comfortable environment.

"Science and technology to create value", the intelligent DALITEK Bonzi will uphold the corporate philosophy, committed to product development and innovation, in energy saving and environmental protection of the environment under the call, in intelligent lighting control areas to stay ahead, the rapid development.