Lalu Hotel

Qingdao Lalu is Taiwan's Lin Xiang group layout, the first cultural and Creative Holiday Hotel, is the first in mainland China super five-star hotel, another one in Chinese Taipei. The hotel is located in the Huangdao District of Qingdao City, back to Lantau Peak, the sea on three sides. The hotel by some of the world's leading architect Kerry Hill to assume the task of investigating the design, to open the doors of modern minimalist style, decoration of the complicated dazzling one abandon, let a guest feel fully with the blue sea and sky merged leisure and relaxation. Hotel will set up a special church wedding, the International Conference Center and the top of the banquet hall, boutiques, outdoor hot spring, spa, law, meaning multi-national food restaurants of high-end vacation package, for Qingdao to build a top tourist resort hotel. Qingdao Evergreen Hotel opened in October 12, 2014, held on the same day the world business leaders summit, and selected as the permanent venue.