Hankin began to provide users world-wide with high-quality solid surface stone bathtub and wash basin since 2008, which is a leading manufacturer of solid surface stone bathtub industry.Though the most modern creative design, in accordance with the excellent design of human engineering, Each product in Hankin become into a work of art, full of life breath.Outstanding experienced mold engineer implemented the excellent design entirely.Hankin is proud of skilled workers, with a very strong craftsman spirit who aim the quality of excellence, perfect products shows to customers through their hands.

We use the best level raw material (with the SGS certification), use the advanced production technology, perfect strict development, manufacturing, quality management system. We also use the automated casting equipment, advanced cutting edge, the drilling device. Everything we put effort is to provide customers with high quality products, products with excellent hardness, yellowing resistance, good stain resistance, mildew resistance, anti-bacteria and other characteristics.

Hankin factory is a CSA certification factory, the factory covers than 6000 square, 600 pieces bathtubs and 2000 basins per month. Our products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc., in China's five-star hotel project is also widely popular. Welcome Sanitary ware products distributors and projects customers to visit the factory.Honesty, responsibility and excellent service, we stick to the foundation.

If we have the opportunity to work together, we are grateful.

Consisting of Pure Acrylic Resin (PMMA) and Aluminum Hydroxide. It is always the same color throughout. It is in good performance of colorfastness, stain resistance, chemical resistance. The surface effect is usually matte.

Stronger hardness, the surface is not easy to scratch.

More excellent dirt resistance, antibacterial.

Very good resistance to yellowing characteristics.

Like natural marble, not easy to deformation.